Zdania twierdzące i przeczące w czasie Present Simple ćwiczenie

  • 1 Margaret speaks three languages — English, French and Spanish.
  • 2 I do not like my job. It's very boring.
  • 3 'Where's Martin?' I’m sorry. I do not know.
  • 4 Sue is a very quiet person. She does not talk very much.
  • 5 Jim drinks a lot of tea. It's his favourite drink.
  • 6 It's not true! I do not believe it!
  • 7 That's a very beautiful picture. I like it very much.
  • 8 Janek is a vegetarian. He does not eat meat.
  • 9 She is frightened of flying. She hates planes.
  • 10 Petrol is expensive. It costs a lot of money.

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