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The teachers who work in our school are fully qualified for teaching English and they have gained a lot of experience over many years of teaching. Some of them obtained their qualifications in Poland and the others abroad. We employ only Polish teachers.

We also participate in different workshops which help teachers to improve their skills and discover new efficient ideas for teaching English. The profession of an English teacher requires a lot of creativity to make the lessons interesting and at the same time very effective for students.

As every discipline also teaching English is developing very rapidly and is introducing all new innovations which can be very helpful and useful. An excellent example of such an innovation can be the Internet and its huge possibilities. We are very eager to take advantage of it and therefore we run our own e-learning platform. One can find there a large number of different test and exercises as well as explanations of various language topics. The online materials include such sections as: False Friends, Opposites/Synonyms Dictionary, Idiom, Phrasal Verbs, Vocabulary, Proverbs, British vs American Dictionary, Grammar explanations, Grammar exercises, Prepositions etc.

We find using e-learning materials extremely useful and helfful in teaching English. The students we teach are able to make use of online tests and exercises on their own. What's more the platform is visited by hundreds of people learning English all over the world and that's why we are very proud of it.

The teachers who work in our school are very active in preparing e-learning materials which are used in our online platform. Thanks to providing additional online exercises it is possible to focus more on speaking skills during the lessons in the classroom.