Past Simple ćwiczenie 1

past simple angielski ćwiczenia. Wstaw wyrazy w nawiasach w czasie Past Simple.
He (be) born in England.
In 1989 Tim (have) a very important idea.
He (invent) the world wide web (www).
Tim (go) to school in London.
Both his parents (work) with computers.
He (love) computers from an early age.
When he was eighteen, he (leave) school and went to Oxford University.
At Oxford University he (study) physics.
He (become) more and more interested in computers.
He (make) his first computer from an old television.
He (graduate) in 1976.
He (get) a job with a computer company in Dorset, England.
In 1989, he (go) to work in Switzerland.
He (decide) to make his ideas free to everyone.
In 1995 he (write) an article in the New York Times.