Past Simple exercise 2

past simple exercise elementary
When was the last time you (cook) a big meal?
When was the last time you (travel) by train?
When was the last time you (ride) a bicycle?
When was the last time you (write) a letter or an e-mail?
In 1932, she (fly) across the Atlantic Ocean alone: the first woman to do this.
Her journey (start) in Canada.
She (become) friends with the US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Five years later, Amelia (try) to fly around the world.
An American University (give) her $50,000 for a new airplane.
On the morning of July 2nd 1937 she (leave) Lae, in New Guinea.
They (begin) their journey to Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean.
On July 3rd 1937, the American ship (receive) a radio message from Amelia.
A few minutes later her plane (disappear) .
Brazil (win) the World Cup for the fourth time in 1994.
I (wake) up at 6 a.m. yesterday.

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