Angielskie czasy Past Simple i Present Perfect ćwiczenie

  • John sold his car when he broke his leg last year.
  • I’ve rung the doorbell four times and there’s no answer. I think they’ve gone out.
  • Yesterday I gave the letter to Tom but he forgot to post it.
  • Chris hasn’t found his glasses yet. He can’t remember where he left them.
  • A lion escaped from the zoo yesterday but it was caught a few hours later.
  • John has often thought about flying in a helicopter but he hasn’t done it yet.
  • When she was younger, Betty always wore a ring which she got from her grandmother.
  • Tom felt ill last night so he went to bed and slept for ten hours.
  • When I was younger a boy at my school hit me. It hurt a lot.
  • Do you remember a photo of Bob that you showed me yesterday? Did you take it on your holidays?
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