Wyrażenia z czasownikiem feel ćwiczenia 1

  • What time did you go to bed last night?
  • How do you feel about our new boss?
  • Do you feel like a rest after your journey?
  • What do you feel like doing tonight?
  • How's your mum today?
  • Ooh, your hands feel cold!
  • How was work?
  • I feel terrible about what I said to Tom.
  • Oh, before nine. I felt really tired.
  • I think he's OK. He's got some good ideas.
  • No, it's OK, I slept a lot on the plane.
  • I don't know ... what's on at the cinema?
  • Oh, she's feeling much better, thanks.
  • I know - I left my gloves at home.
  • Oh, terrible. Sometimes I feel like walking out.
  • Don't worry - I'm sure he wasn't upset.
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