Meeting 22

Questions in English. Write the question for the following affirmative sentences. Use the words in BLOCK LETTERS. The questions should be about the words in bold.
I started primary school in 1995. YOU
primary school?
My best subjects at school were history and biology. YOUR
at school?
I would like to study History. YOU
He will pass this exam. HE
She learnt French at school. SHE
at school?
She learns English at school. SHE
at school?
She is going to Lisbon soon. SHE
I would like to go to the cinema tomorrow. YOU
I want to watch TV tonight. YOU
She is going to study Law. SHE
We are going to Greece on holidays. YOU
on holidays?
Warsaw is the capital city of Poland.
of Poland?
You are interested in Politics. YOU
Bob failed all his exams at school.
at school?
I will study Literature. YOU
She is going to study Economics. SHE