Idiomy angielskie z wyrazami high, hot, how

Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
be for the high jump dostaniesz za swoje; oberwie ci się I shall be for the high jump if I make a mess of these invoices again.
be in high spirits być w świetnym, doskonałym nastroju 'You’re in high spirits today. What's happened?' 'I’ve just had some very good news about my daughter.'
be / get on one’s high horse zacząć się mądrzyć Vicky’s been on her high horse ever since she won a scholarship to Oxford.
high and dry opuszczony; zostawić kogoś na lodzie; na mieliźnie The car broke down miles away from anywhere so we were left high and dry until my brother got some help.
a high flyer młoda, ambitna osoba; młody wilk She is applying for a job in the diplomatic service - but then she's always been a high flyer.
high and low wszędzie Where on earth can my glasses be? I’ve searched high and low for them! Have you seen them?
be riding high odnosić ogromne sukcesy My sister is riding high at the moment. She's been promoted and she will become the head of the department.
high and mighty napuszony He is high and mighty these days. Do you happen to know why?
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
be hot on something mieć coś w mały palcu; mieć bzika na punkcie czegoś He was never too hot on maths at school. He was better at languages.
be in / get into hot water wpakować się w kłopoty You’ll be in hot water when your father finds out what you’ve done to his car!
blow hot and cold być jak chorągiewka na wietrze "Have you decided whether or not to buy a new car?" "Not yet. We’re still blowing hot and cold."
a hot line gorąca linia (telefoniczna między głowami państw) After this tragedy there was a hot line between the two heads of state.
to be in the hot seat być w trudnym położeniu As a executive director, I’m all the time in the hot seat.
a hot spot punkt zapalny I wouldn't like to be a journalist, being sent to all the political hot spots.
hot under the collar wściec się The CEO has just been told to cut the budget so he`s rather hot under the collar.
make it hot for somebody dać komuś popalić If I were you, I would treat him with a little more respect. He’s in a position to make it hot for you.
piping hot wrzący When the weather’s cold I like to have a piping hot soup for lunch.
a hot potato mina (niebezpieczna sprawa) If this is a government cover-up, then it's a real hot potato and they won't touch it!
strike while the iron is hot kuć żelazo puki jest gorące If he offered to pay for your holiday, strike while the iron's hot! If you say no, he may not offer again.
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
and how! i to (jeszcze) jak! 'I hear that Billy liked the present I sent him.' 'Oh, and how!'
any old how byle jak Chris doesn`t care what his homework looks like. He does it any old how.
how about . . .? co powiesz na ...? How about going to the theatre on Saturday?
how come . . .? jak to możliwe . . .? How come you never told me about George before?
how dare you/he/they etc. jak śmiesz ... How dare you speak to your mother like that?
how is it that . . .? jak to jest, że . . .? How is it that whenever I see James, he`s always chatting instead of working?
how on earth . . .? / How in the world . . .? jak do diabła ...? How on earth could he have got up on to the roof without a ladder?
how is it going? / How are things going? jak leci? Oh, hello Bob. How is it going?