Idiomy angielskie z that, there, thick, thin, thing

Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
come to that; if it comes to that jeśli już o tym mowa I haven't heard from her for weeks. Come to that, we haven't heard from any of the Browns for a long time, have we?
that does it! dosyś (już) tego That does it! Jack's late again! I'm not going to offer to drive him to work in my car any more, if he can't be on time!
that will do wystarczy, dosyć That will do for the moment. If we need more sandwiches, we can make more later.
That will do, you boys! No more fighting in here!
that's done/torn it! a to sie porobiło! Oh no! That's done it! I`ve just dropped the mixer and broken it so I can't make a cake for the visitors.
that`s for sure z całą pewnością Once I've passed the exam, I shall never open another book physics, that's for sure!
that`s the ticket! o to właśnie chodzi That's the ticket, Paula! You show them all who's the best player.
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
... and there you are! ... i sprawa załatwiona Just put the plug in, press the start button and there you are! Easy!
hang (on) in there! wytrzymaj jeszcze trochę Come on, Jack! Hang in there! You'll do it!
there again z drugiej strony 'If Greece was too hot for you last year, why not go to Spain for a change? But there again, in August it may be just as hot as in Greece.
there and then z miejsca, od razu If you take all the documents with you to the passport office, they can give you a new passport there and then.
there are no buts about it nie ma żadnego ale odnośnie tego If you haven't done your homework, you can't go out to play. There are no buts about it!
(but) there it is (ale) tak to już jest We can't allow in non-members, I'm afraid. I'm so sorry, but there it is.
there is (a bit/a lot/much) more to it than that to jest bardziej skomplikowane (niż się wydaje) He said he had just been lucky in winning the scholarship, but everybody knows that there is much more to it than that.
there is (much/ a lot) more to someone than ... ktoś nie jest poprostu Mandy's a very intelligent young woman. There's much more to her than she tells you.
there is no knowing/telling what/when/where nie można wiedzieć co/kiedy/gdzie ... There's no knowing when he will be back at work after his accident. It could take a long time.
there is no mistaking someone/something nie trudno pomylić (łatwo rozpoznać) Yes, of course I'm sure it was him on the phone. There's no mistaking his French accent.
there is no question nie ma wątpliwości There is no question that she could do better at school if she worked harder. She's very intelligent, but lazy.
there is no stopping/holding someone nie można go powstrzymać Once he starts telling jokes, there's no stopping him.
there is nothing (else) for it nie ma innego sposobu/wyjścia There's nothing else for it - we'll have to cancel the holiday this year.
there is nothing in it to nie prawda, to tylko plotki 'I've heard that the Browns are moving to Glasgow.' 'So have I, but there's nothing in it, I'm sure.'
there is nothing like (a) + noun (for doing something/ to do something) nie ma to jak ... There's nothing like a hot bath after a hard day at the office.
there's nothing to it nie ma w tym nic trudnego Working this fax machine looks very complicated, but there's nothing to it really.
there is something to be said for są pewne zalety przemawiające za ... There's something to be said for off-season holidays - no traffic jams, no crowds, and cheaper hotel rates.
there is a time and (a) place for everything jest pora i miejsce na wszystko A waiter was flirting with a girl in the restaurant. The manager told him that there was a time and a place for everything.
there, there!/there now! już, już, już dobrze! (pocieszając kogoś, kto płacze) There, there, dear! Drink this hot tea and you'll soon feel much better.
there you are! proszę (dając coś komuś)
a widzisz, a nie mówiłem
There you are, Mr Brown, your butter and your tomatoes. That will be £6.50 altogether.
'The book says Goethe was born in 1749.' 'Well, there you are! I said so all along!'
there you go/he goes etc. again! i znowu zaczynasz ! There you go again! You worry about your daughter too much. She'll be fine.
there's a good boy/girl/dog! dobry chłopiec/dziewczyna/pies! Come on, now, eat up your carrots. There's a good boy!
you've got me there i tu mnie masz (nie znając odpowiedzi na postawione pytanie) 'Do you know how many TV-sets Japan manufacturers a year?' 'No, I don’t. You've got me there.'
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
as thick as thieves znać się jak łyse konie Bob and Tom have been as thick as thieves for years. They both run a large advertising company.
as thick as two short planks być głupim jak noga stołowa If she doesn’t see his intentions, she must be as thick as two short planks.
have/grow a thick skin być gruboskórnym As a politician in the public eye, you quickly learn to grow a thick skin.
in the thick of it/of doing something być w wirze czegoś; znajdować się w samym środku czegoś We were in the thick of painting the living-room when our visitors arrived.
lay/pile it on thick (informal) to exaggerate, especially when praising or criticizing John gave a good talk at the conference, but Brown was piling it on thick when he spoke of his achievements.
thick and fast lać się ciurkiem; (napływać) gęstym strumieniem Our advertising campaign has been a great success. Orders for the new product are coming in thick and fast.
thick on the ground mnóstwo If I were you, I would take the job. Such good opportunities are not thick on the ground.
through thick and thin na dobre i na złe Tom and Chris went through thick and thin together in the war, and they’ve been great friends ever since.
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
as thin as a rake chudy jak patyk / szczapa Although she eats a lot of sweets she is as thin as a rake.
be skating on thin ice stąpać po kruchym/cienkim lodzie Be careful. If you make any promises, you’re skating on thin ice. We don’t know yet whether we can guarantee these prices.
disappear/vanish into thin air wyparować, ulotnić się Have you seen my glasses? They can’t have vanished into thin air.
the thin end of the wedge to dopiero początek I think that that incident at the company is only the thin end of the wedge. The current situation can lead to a major strike.
a thin excuse słaba, kiepska wymówka/usprawiedliwienie So there was no electricity. Isn’t that a rather thin excuse for not doing your homework?
thin on top łysy He's a bit thin on top already. I think he's going to be bald by the time he's 35.
a thin time ciężki czas; trudny okres; cienko prząść After the war, he had a pretty thin time. He couldn't get work and nobody was willing to help him.
out of thin air niewiadomo skąd The story about his love affair didn't just come out of thin air. There must be some truth in in.
a thin audience nieliczna publiczność There was a thin audience at the spectacle.
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
a close/near thing niewiele brakowało 'Look out! The van!' 'Hell, that was a close thing! I didn`t see it.'
do one's (own) thing robić swoje The new line manager will have to learn that he can`t do his own thing here. There are some regulations to follow.
for one thing po pierwsze I really don't think he is the right man for the job. For one thing, he's got no qualifications and for another he can't speak English.
just one of those things (powiedzenie) tak to już bywa Graduating from university and finding it difficult to get a job is just one those things these days.
just the thing o to właśnie chodzi 'How about a cup of coffee to warm you up?' 'Oh, yes! That would be just the thing'
not quite the thing nie modne You'd better change your clothes. It wouldn't be quite the thing to arrive at thewedding wearing your a track suit.
sure thing! (inf) (no) jasne! 'Could you give me lift to the supermarket?' 'Sure thing! Hop in!'
a thing of the past przeszłość 'Is she still seeing Howard?' ' No. That's been a thing of the past for weeks now.'
first things first (powiedzenie) wszystko po kolei First things first! Wait until you've got your degree before you talk about a career in banking.
have (got) a thing about something/someone nie cierpieć We were never allowed to have a dog. Father had a thing about them.
one thing leads to another (powiedzenie) jedno pociąga za sobą drugie Tom met Betty at the cinema. He asked her out, one thing lead to another, and now they're engaged.
show / teach / tell someone a thing or two pokazać / nauczyć / powiedzieć to i owo He thinks he knows all about the cars, but I think I could teach him a thing or two.