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  • Coal is sixty dollars a ton at the moment.
  • Do you like - wine? I don’t drink alcohol.
  • Have you done the washing-up?
  • He gave me a diamond necklace.
  • I like - tea with milk in it.
  • I saw her when she was going to work.
  • I stayed at home last night and listened to the radio.
  • I think the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play.
  • I think it’s made of glass.
  • I’ll have a dozen eggs and a loaf, please.
  • It’s a fast car. Its top speed is 120 minutes an hour.
  • There’s someone at the front door.
  • When he was nineteen, he joined the army.
  • Would like a cup of coffee?
  • Would mind waiting for a couple of minutes?
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