English exercises on tenses - answers

  • 1. Our company has been producing these cars since 1978.
  • 2. Our company produced the car which Pope John Paul II used during his visit to South America last year.
  • 3. I have been trying to solve this problem for the last two hours.
  • 4. He has been solving these problems for three hours now but I am afraid he has not solved even one yet.
  • 5. What were you doing when she came in?
  • 6. We have been waiting for you for ages. Please, do not keep us waiting next time.
  • 7. I hope you will not find it difficult to cooperate with us.
  • 8. It started to rain when I was digging the garden.
  • 9. While I was digging the garden my brother-in-law was mowing the lawn.
  • 10. Has anyone here seen a leather glove?
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