English grammar Simple Past tense exercises - answers

  • He rose from the chair and walked to the window.
  • Overnight he became a celebrity in our neighborhood.
  • The nurse bound my broken arm.
  • We drank wine.
  • They caught the last bus.
  • He fought very well last Sunday.
  • He knelt to ask her pardon.
  • The shell burst just in front of our house a week ago.
  • The clock struck twelve.
  • We meant to notify him when we were in town.
  • When I heard the news I just leaped of joy.
  • The wind blew fiercely last night.
  • My friend broke her leg and hurt her arm during her holidays.
  • She laid the keys on the table and went out.
  • He picked up her handkerchief and held it in his hand.
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