English grammar time clauses exercises

  • 1. She will be very happy if you take her to the theatre.
  • 2. We'll go swimming as soon as school is over.
  • 3. She will be a good actress if she works hard.
  • 4. I will open the door when father rings.
  • 5. I won't see him again if he doesn't come today.
  • 6. We will begin as soon as Tom is ready.
  • 7. I will stay here until it gets warmer.
  • 8. Mother will bring us cakes when she goes out.
  • 9. If he has time he will come with us.
  • 10. Don't leave until I send you a message.
  • 11. I will notify you as soon as I hear from her.
  • 12. You won’t go until I know the truth.
  • 13. He will come every day to help you with your work while I am away.
  • 14. You will have a chocolate if you are good.
  • 15. Give Chris this letter as soon as you see him.
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