English personal and possessive pronouns

  • 1. I went with her (she, her) to see them (they, them).
  • 2. We (We, Us) will all come together with him (he, him).
  • 3. Some letters have come from her (she, her) for me (I, me).
  • 4. They (They, Them) told me (I, me) many things about him (he, him).
  • 5. I (I, Me) thought it was he (he, him) coming to see me (I, me).
  • 6. Mr Smith and he (he, him) are great friends.
  • 7. I (I, me) must see her (she, her).
  • 8. She (She, Her) wants to see me (I, me).
  • 9. He (He, Him) came here with us (we, us).
  • 10. He took her (she, her) to the pictures
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