English plural nouns of foreign origin

  • 1. How many strata are there?
  • 2. Four hypotheses have been presented so far.
  • 3. I am going to sell these two series of stamps.
  • 4. For the first time these phenomena were noticed two years ago.
  • 5. Too many stimuli at the same time many lead to chaos.
  • 6. All the crises is question were caused by inefficient management.
  • 7. He has written many excellent analyses for us.
  • 8. Some species can be found in the zoological gardens only.
  • 9. The data collected by you are very important for us.
  • 10. Are these two radii equal?
  • 11. These dies were made by my uncle Sam when he was a prisoner of war.
  • 12. We have dealt with these phenomena for a long time.
  • 13. bacteria can be seen only through a microscope.
  • 14. All these analyses are inadequate.
  • 15. Have you ever heard of food produced from algae.
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