Exercises on English articles

  • A man and two women were sitting in the car. I think the man was German.
  • Did you see the Pope when he came to Poland?
  • Did you send me a postcard when you were in Grease?
  • Have got a match, please?
  • Have met Sam He’s a friend of mine.
  • Have you been to the USA?
  • He offered me a cigarette, but I refused.
  • He’s a teacher. He’s from - London.
  • I had a cup of tea can an ice cream. The tea was terrible.
  • She sent me a letter and a card. The letter didn’t arrive.
  • She took a sandwich and a piece of cake, but didn’t eat the cake.
  • They had six cats and a dog. I really liked the dog.
  • Yes, I work at this school. I’m a teacher.
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