Exercises on English tenses - answers

  • 1. She is not feeling well at all so she has not eaten anything today.
  • 2. You have come too late. All of them are out.
  • 3. Call an ambulance! There has been an accident.
  • 4. They were talking so loudly that we could not really hear your words.
  • 5. "There you are at last!' I hope you have not been waiting for me too long.
  • 6. The Smith have been living.in the same street for twenty years.
  • 7. What have you been drinking? Your face is white.
  • 8. What was she singing in the kitchen when you came in.
  • 9. I have not seen so many beautiful girls since I left Italy.
  • 10. She has been trying dresses all the afternoon and I am tired.
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