Past Continuous exercise

  • He was resting all day yesterday. (rest)
  • We were looking through the window when mother came in. (look)
  • They were reading a newspaper when I entered. (read)
  • I was speaking to her but she. didn't hear me. (speak)
  • I didn't go for a walk because it was raining. (rain)
  • When you telephoned I was sweeping my room. (sweep)
  • They were talking with John's wife when I came in. (talk)
  • While we were playing we heard a shot. (play)
  • She was walking along the embankment when I met her yesterday. (walk)
  • We were going home when, it started to snow. (go)
  • I was studying very hard when he called. (study)
  • She was sleeping when his friend arrived. (sleep)
  • They were listening to the lecture when the light went off. (listen)
  • She still was working when we returned home. (work)
  • When he was digging his garden he found a silver coin. (dig)
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