Few a few little a little exercises

  • Little is known about side-effects of this drug.
  • I can't do all this work myself: I need a little help.
  • I want to do some serious reading during my holiday, so I am taking a few books with me.
  • I have quite a few books on art.
  • I can do nearly all this work myself; I need little help.
  • There are few poets as great as. Wordsworth in all English literature.
  • Put a few more coals on the fire.
  • Few towns have such splendid views.
  • His second suggestion was a little better than his first.
  • Would you like a little more tea?
  • Only a few of our customers have accounts.
  • There is a little more I have to tell you.
  • Put a little more coal on the fire.
  • There was little time for consultation.
  • I hope to finish my work in time, as I still have quite a few days in which to do it.
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