Future Perfect exercises - answers

  • 1. When you arrive I probably will have started the job.
  • 2. They will have had dinner by the time we get there.
  • 3. A few centuries from now wars, I hope, will have become a thing of the past.
  • 4. In a year's time he will have taken to some more serious sort of job.
  • 5. You will have done a lot of your work by the end of this month.
  • 6. By November all the leaves will have fallen.
  • 7. If he doesn't hurry, they will have left before he comes.
  • 8. I am sure that tomorrow you will have forgotten all these rules.
  • 9. Be quick! The child will have drowned before you rescue it.
  • 10. She will have grown old before she learns the use of prepositions.
  • 11. The airman will have flown more than a thousand miles, before the end of this month.
  • 12. If you ring me up after nine o'clock. I will have spoken to the doctor.
  • 13. We will have travelled twenty miles more before we cross the frontier.
  • 14. Next year we will have been together for ten years.
  • 15. I am sure they will have completed the new road before April.
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