Modal verbs exercises with answers

  • I failed the test. I should have studied harder.
  • Tom watches all the Liverpool games. He must be one of their biggest fans.
  • You shouldn't have told Mark. You knew it was a secret.
  • - Could Tom have been at home yesterday?
  • - She could have been. I really don't know.
  • They built this temple 3,000 years ago. This must have been a great civilization.
  • Bring your umbrella. It might rain later.
  • Where are we supposed to go for the test tomorrow?
  • Tom has got to clean up his room. It's a mess.
  • - Will your plane we late this afternoon?
  • - It may be. The airport was closed this morning.
  • Children under five years old must not swim without an adult.
  • - Wasn't that Chris in class?
  • - It couldn't. Chris left last week.
  • Tom was supposed to call Susan yesterday but he forgot.
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