Plurals of nouns

  • What a beautiful scarf!
  • Have you got a clean handkerchiefs/handkerchieves?
  • They told us about their lives and the miseries they had suffered.
  • Their lives and their money were in danger.
  • They have five wolves in the zoo.
  • Which shelves are mine?
  • I have lost many umbrellas and scarves/scarfs, and two or three pairs of gloves.
  • She knits nice woollen scarves/scarfs.
  • Put this leaf under something heavy.
  • leaves fall from trees in autumn.
  • I have lived here all my life.
  • Have you ever seen a wolf?
  • Dust these shelves, please.
  • To perform this trick you will need two handkerchiefs/handkerchieves.
  • One shelf is empty.
  • Chris has many leaves in his collection.
  • Are there any wolves in this forest?
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