Possessive pronouns English exercises

  • 1. It was her (she, her) who said this, not me (I, me).
  • 2. He (He, Him) knows much more English than me.
  • 3. Are you talking about us (we, us) or about them (they, them)?
  • 4. Between, you and me (I, me), I (I, me) am more afraid of her (she, her) than of him (he,him).
  • 5. It was him (he, him) I was talking to, not her (she, her).
  • 6. Let us (we, us) all go to the pictures except her (she, her), since she (she, her) is so tired.
  • 7. Why should I (I, me) do it for them (they, them)? I (I, me) don't even speak to them (they,them).
  • 8. I (I, me) don't know if he (he, him) is stronger than me.
  • 9. Nobody could answer him (he, him) except me (I, me).
  • 10. Please help us (we, us) to carry her (she, her), She (she, her) has had an accident.
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