Prepositions of location exercises - answers

  • 1. They left the law-court one after another.
  • 2. The park is behind my house.
  • 3. He promised to find that man in a week.
  • 4. His father was at home when he was born.
  • 5. In the morning the temperature was below zero.
  • 6. I met him three times during my stay in London.
  • 7. Now after your offer I must see the goods in question first.
  • 8. There were forty people sitting in the hall.
  • 9. He went to his house to meet us.
  • 10. The results of his work were beyond my expectations.
  • 11. Mr Brown is not in the garden; he is in the house.
  • 12. Good-bye till next Sunday.
  • 13. She was married against her will.
  • 14. The boy went to the policeman and asked him the way.
  • 15. I can come and see you any day after Monday.
  • 16. We sailed around that lonely island.

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