Present Perfect Continuous exercise - answers

  • My cousins have been staying with us all the weekend.
  • My father has been working hard all his life. He's fifty now, and is still active.
  • We have been waiting for mother since lunch.
  • She has been bathing in the lake for the last twenty minutes.
  • This lamp has been hanging in the drawing room since Christmas.
  • The guests have been dancing since supper.
  • She has been feeling well for the last two months.
  • Baby has been sleeping since I came home.
  • I have been listening to the radio for the last half hour.
  • I have been looking for this book ever since I heard about it.
  • She has been reading a book for two hours.
  • He has been writing this article for three hours.
  • The fire has been burning all night.
  • She has been walking in the garden since you went away.
  • She has been singing this lullaby all the evening.
  • The rain has been pouring since we left Exeter.
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