Present Simple and Present Continuous tense - answers

  • He generally eats only cheese for supper, but today he is eating ham and eggs.
  • I always listen to the radio in the car.
  • I am spending this weekend in the mountains. I go there every summer.
  • She skates very well. She even wins at competitions.
  • The teacher always explains the text when we don’t understand.
  • It snows in winter, but not all the time of course, and it is snowing now.
  • When I feel lazy I like to lie down with a good crime story and a glass of whiskey.
  • You eat too much. No wonder, you are getting fatter and fatter.
  • She is setting the table, I can hear her.

  • A: Are you going home now?
  • B: No. I am going to meet Tom. We often meet after work.
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