Since, For in Present Perfect Tense - answers

  • We haven't met since Christmas.
  • We haven't been in the opera for over a year.
  • I haven't spoken German since the end of the war.
  • You have kept me waiting for half an hour!
  • It is about two years since we last had news of him.
  • I haven't bought a new book since April.
  • We haven't seen our cousin for ages.
  • His wife has changed a lot since the last time we met.
  • My daughter hasn't written to me since my birthday.
  • We have lived here for many years.
  • It hasn't snowed here for six months.
  • Our guests have been sailing since tea-time.
  • It has been several hours since I had dinner.
  • There hasn't been any war in this country for over a century.
  • Nothing has been changed here since the Middle Ages.
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