Singular and plural noun

  • These photos are not good.
  • The potatoes are under the sink.
  • Tomatoes are cheaper this week.
  • We took a lot of photos there.
  • How many kilos does it weigh?
  • Give me one more tomato, please.
  • There is only one potato left in the bag.
  • Do you like tomatoes?
  • I'd like three kilos of apples, please.
  • There are two pianos in our school.
  • We may call these boys real heroes.
  • Half a kilo of sugar will do.
  • Don't play a hero, will you?
  • There are in fact two heroes in this novel.
  • I do not want so many potatoes.
  • I'd like to take a photo.
  • Do you play the piano?
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