Tenses in English exercises - answers

  • 1. In the afternoon I always work until four o'clock. (work)
  • 2. Here we are at the station. Now we must get the porter. (be)
  • 3. She has studied chemistry for three years. (study)
  • 4. My brother brought home many images from China last year. (bring)
  • 5. There is something wrong with this car. Where is the nearest garage? (be)
  • 6. I have learned English for the last two years, and now I study French. (learn / study)
  • 7. We wanted to go to the mountains last month but our little son fell ill. (want / fall)
  • 8. I never take sugar with my coffee. (take)
  • 9. He went abroad last week. (go)
  • 10. This girl has never seen the sea. (never see)
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