Tenses in English grammar exercises - answers

  • I hope to find some interesting reading in the new bookshop.
  • What are you doing this evening?
  • We are going to the theatre tonight.
  • He will see you as soon as Mr Brown leaves / has left.
  • Jane has been watching TV for hours; that’s why her eyes are red.
  • Unless John tries harder, he won’t get this job.
  • Stop making that terrible noise.
  • Don’t shout unless you want to be arrested.
  • Look! It’s Tom! I haven’t seen him for ages.
  • I was falling asleep when somebody broke the glass in our front door.
  • No one has ever spoken to me like that.
  • We normally live with our parents but for these two months we are living in our aunt’s flat.
  • I have been waiting for them for an hour now. I can’t wait any longer.
  • Jim ought to learn languages if he wants to get a job with an international company.
  • I realized that my parents had adopted me and my brother.
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