The Simple Past Tense exercises - answers

  • The postman brought many letters for you yesterday.
  • You lost your documents in the bus the day before yesterday.
  • At the age of ten I swept the floors in a clothing-store.
  • He felt very old and tired.
  • At last he came to the end of his story.
  • We spent a very pleasant evening with the Smiths last week.
  • I left school and walked slowly towards the river.
  • I saw a very good play last night.
  • The farmers sold their products to the market.
  • Our team won the race yesterday.
  • She chose a beautiful bunch of flowers yesterday.
  • My new shoes cost less than yours.
  • I sat on the edge of my chair.
  • The painter drew a beautiful picture.
  • Our old teacher, Mr Hartley, taught geometry with passion.
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