When to use gerund or infinitive - answers

  • We got a new card holder in order not to lose our credit cards.
  • I talked to the students about working harder but I couldn't get them to study.
  • I asked him not to go there but he went anyway.
  • I bought this new software to learn Chinese.
  • She's going to stop to eat dinner so she may be late.
  • I don't think Tom enjoyed helping me study for the test.
  • I resented his saying that. He could have been more polite.
  • Are you ready? It's time to go.
  • My mother makes me do my homework before I go out.
  • My mobile phone is in my bag but I don't remember putting it there.
  • We're eighteen so we're old enough to vote.
  • He's not used to waking up so early.
  • It isn't difficult to understand this textbook.
  • Living in a foreign country is sometimes difficult.
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