English grammar time clauses exercises

English grammar time clauses exercises. Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in the correct forms.
1. She will be very happy if you her to the theatre. (take)
2. We'll go swimming as soon as school over. (be)
3. She will be a good actress if she hard. (work)
4. I will open the door when father . (ring)
5. I won't see him again if he today. (not come)
6. We will begin as soon as Tom ready. (be)
7. I will stay here until it warmer. (get)
8. Mother will bring us cakes when she out. (go)
9. If he time he will come with us. (have)
10. Don't leave until I you a message. (send)
11. I will notify you as soon as I from her. (hear)
12. You won’t go until I the truth. (know)
13. He will come every day to help you with your work while I away. (be)
14. You will have a chocolate if you good. (be)
15. Give Chris this letter as soon as you him. (see)