Angielski Used to Ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Wpisz wyrazy napisane dużymi literami na końcu zdań we właściwej formie. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Gramatyczne objaśnienia
1 There used to a theatre in this street. BE
2 I’m the boss here. I’m not used to told what to do. BE
3 He’ll have to get used to less if he wants to lose weight. EAT
4 When I was I child I used to swimming every day. GO
5 He had to get used to on the left. DRIVE
6 He used to very fit. Now he is in bad condition. BE
7 It took me a long time to get used to glasses. WEAR
8 I used to her bus how she gets on my nerves. LIKE
9 He got tired very quickly. He wasn’t used to so fast. RUN
10 She used to a lot of coffee when she was a student. DRINK