Angielskie przyimki w zdaniach ćwiczenia

Wybierz właściwe przyimki w języku angielskim.
I listen the radio.
I go the cinema.
I often go shopping Saturday.
I always read the newspaper the morning.
I never watch football television.
I usually listen to the radio the car.
I often do nothing the weekend.
I sometimes play computer games the morning.
I usually do nothing Sunday.
I sometimes visit relatives the weekend.
I never listen to the radio night.
I something go swimming the sea.
I never do my homework the bus.
Cork is a city Ireland.
I’m a music student the university.
I like going with my friends.
I make friends all over the world.
She writes about herself the Internet.
I’m Poland.
It’s a town the west of the country.
I am interested all types of sport.
She goes to bed eleven o’clock.
He enjoys watching football TV.
She works a bank.
It doesn’t rain summer.
I don’t like getting early.
The restaurant closes Sunday evening.
Where does he go holiday?
How to make money without getting of bed.