Past Simple ćwiczenie 2

czas past simple ćwiczenia. Wstaw wyrazy w nawiasach w czasie Past Simple.
He (say) : 'The web is a universe of information and it is for everyone.'
Graham Bell (invent) the telephone in 1896.
But the real inventor (be) Antonio Meucci.
He (share) a workshop with Bell in the 1860s.
He (make) a 'talking telephone' for his wife.
She (can) call him when she wanted something.
But Meucci never (take) his idea to the US Patent Office.
Two hours later another inventor, Elisa Gray (arrive) with the same idea.
Nobody (believe) that the telephone was an important invention.
Bell's father-in-law (describe) the invention as 'a beautiful toy'.
The US Congress (decide) that Meucci was the true inventor of the telephone.
Everyone knows that the Italian Marconni (invent) the radio.
Guglielmo Marconi (steal) his great idea from Nikola Tesla.
Marconi took the idea to the US Patent Office and (begin) to sell it.
In 1909 he even (win) a Nobel Prize for his invention.