Descriptive adjectives in English

We use adjectives if we want to describe the person, thing, etc. Their main aim is to give more information about the noun which they refer to. Adjectives can describe the action, state, or quality of the noun. There are many kinds of adjectives for example: demonstrative adjectives, distributive adjectives, quantitative adjectives, interrogative adjectives, possessive adjectives. Demonstrative adjectives make up the largest group and they can be divided into the following categories:

Simple adjectives

This group of adjectives consists of the basic ones which are very common in English. They can express for example: taste, appearance, size, colour, shape, time, sound, quality.

Compound adjectives

Compound adjectives consist of two or three words. The words in question are usually connected with a hypen. The table below shows only a few examples of compound adjectives.

Proper adjectives

Proper adjectives are derived from proper nouns and they can describe nations, regions and religions. They are always written with the capital letter. The table below shows a few examples of proper adjectives.