Gerund after verbs

Gerund in English is used after the following verbs:

Verbs Sentences
admit She admitted taking drugs.
adore I adore travelling.
appreciate I appreciate his making the effort to come.
avoid I could avoid putting too much weight on my arm.
celebrate They celebrated passing their exams with a party.
commence She commenced speaking before they finished eating.
consider I'm considering selling my car.
contemplate He is contemplating setting up a company in England.
defer Can we defer making a decision until next week?
delay We delayed deciding about this until next year.
deny He denied having seen them.
describe He described finding his wife lying on the sofa.
detest I really detest having to get up early in the morning.
discontinue My doctor advised me to discontinue breastfeeding.
dislike I dislike being the centre of attention.
dread I dread spending time with him because he is a bore.
endure I can't endure being apart from you.
enjoy She enjoys being praised.
fancy Sorry, but I don't fancy going out tonight.
finish I finished typing the report just minutes before it was due.
go (telling) It's a secret, so don't go telling everyone.
imagine Just imagine going all that way for nothing!
keep I keep telling you, but you won't listen!
loathe I absolutely loathe shopping.
mention My wife mentioned seeing you the other day.
mind Did you mind being away from home for so long?
miss Chris knew he would miss working with Susan.
postpone They've decided to postpone having a family for a while.
recall I don't recall seeing any cars parked outside.
report Witnesses reported seeing three people flee the scene.
resist She can never resist buying new shoes.
risk They may even risk losing their homes.
sit They sat sipping their drinks.
stand She can't stand working in an office.
stop I stopped digging and looked at him.
suggest Joan suggested asking her father for his opinion.