Indefinite pronouns

  • Indefinite pronouns list
  • anybody
  • anyone
  • anything
  • everybody
  • everyone
  • everything
  • nobody
  • no one
  • nothing
  • somebody
  • someone
  • something


Both you and they in informal English as well as one in more formal language function as indefinite pronouns in reference to people.



You is used either in reference to the person or persons addressed or to anyone including you and me:
If you want to see the Tower of London, you must buy an entrance ticket.


They is used to denote certain people excluding you and me:
If you want to visit the museum, they will tell you that you must have special permission.


One can replace you: One must be very careful on the road.

One is also used in the genitive case: It is difficult to think logically when one's life is in danger.