List of Plural Nouns

Two plural forms with different meanings

Some nouns have two plural forms with different meanings:
1. Both forms follow the English pattern:
e.g. clothcloths (i.e. 'some pieces of material to wipe something up')
clothes (i.e. 'garments')
penny - pennies (i.e. 'single coins')
pence (i.e. 'a sum of money')

2.Foreign plurals occur along with regular plurals:
genius - genii (i.e. 'supernatural beings') - geniuses (i.e. 'very intelligent persons') formula - formulae (i.e. 'a mathematical term') - formulas (i.e. 'a general term')

Singular nouns Plural nouns
analysis analyses
status status/statuses
moose moose
crisis crises
fish fish / fishes
series series
appendix appendixes / appendices
Mr. / Mr / Mister Misters / Messrs. / Messrs
sheep sheep
bus buses / US also busses
formula formulae / formulas
life lives
apparatus apparatuses
deer deer
ox oxen
focus focuses / foci
basis bases
platypus platypuses
cactus cacti / cactuses
sheep sheep
analysis analyses
woman women
equipment equipment
dice dice
leaf leaves
life lives
phenomenon phenomena
staff staff
alumnus alumni
genius geniuses
radius radii / radiuses
staff staff
alumnus alumni
software software
data data
addendum addenda
virus viruses
synopsis synopses
mongoose mongooses
genus genera
formula formulae / formulas
roof roofs
phenomenon phenomena
medium media / mediums
business businesses
datum data
chassis chassis
crisis crises
hero heroes
axis axes