English partitives

a bar of chocolate
a bar of soap
a block of cement
a book of matches/stamps
a cake of soap
a cloud of dust
a flash of lightening
a head of hair
an item of news
a jet of water
a loaf of bread
a peal of thunder
a pile of earth
a portion of food
a roll of paper
a slice of meat
a barrel of beer
a basket of fruit
a bottle of milk
a can of beer
a carton of cigarettes
a flask of tea
a glass of water
a jug of water
a mug of cocoa
a tin of soup
a vase of flowers
a blade of grass
a breath of air
a crust of bread
a dash of soda
a grain of rice
a lock of hair
a pat of butter
a scrap of paper
a gallon of petrol
a length of cloth
a litre of oil
an ounce of gold
a pint of milk
a pound of coffee
a spoonful of medicine
a yard of cloth
a bit of advice
a branch of knowledge
a fit of anger
a piece of research
a spot of trouble
a game of billiards
a game of bridge
a game of cards
a game of chess
a game of cricket
a game of darts
a game of squash
a game of tennis
a game of volleyball
a brand of soap
a kind of biscuit
a species of insect
a type of drug
a variety of pasta
a pair of boots
a pair of braces
a pair of glasses
a pair of knickers
a pair of pants
a pair of pliers
a pair of pyjamas
a pair of scissors
a pair of shears
a pair of shoes
a pair of shorts
a pair of skates
a pair of skis
a pair of slippers
a pair of socks
a pair of stockings
a pair of tights
a pair of tongs
a pair of trousers