Past Simple exercise

past simple tense exercises. Write the words in brackets in Past Simple Tense.
Martin Scorsese (make) the film Gangs of New York.
Lindsay's holiday last year (cost) over $1000.
Lucy's parents (give) her a car for her 21st birthday.
We were so thirsty that we (drink) a litre bottle of mineral water.
Steve (become) a writer when he was forty-five.
Karen's got a fantastic job – last month she (earn) $3,000.
The police looked for the money, but they only (find) an empty bag.
Jan and Anna (fall) in love with each other at my birthday party.
The first Spiderman film (appear) in 2002.
Last year we (go) to the cinema a lot.
The Lumiere brothers (show) the first film in a Paris café.
Walt Disney (make) the first full-length cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Titanic (win) eleven Oscars.
Charlie Chaplin (act) in 94 films.
Last year I (go) to the cinema 6 times.