Plural nouns list

The table below shows some examples of singular and plural nouns in English. As you can see some plural nouns have exactly the same forms as the singular ones.

Singular nouns Plural nouns
monkey monkeys
synopsis synopses
Ms Mss. / Mses.
cactus cacti / cactuses
chassis chassis
deer deer
process processes
business business / businesses
Mister Misters / Messrs. / Messrs
bus buses / US busses
memorandum memorandums / memoranda
passerby passers-by
antenna antennae
fetus fetuses
goose geese
equipment equipment
addendum addenda
agenda agendas
status statuses / (rare) stati
process processes
antenna antennae
leaf leaves
dice dice
virus viruses
nemesis nemeses
crisis crises
agenda agendas
person persons / people
woman women
it they or them
analysis analyses
quiz quizzes
calf calves
potato potatoes
census censuses
hippopotamus hippopotamuses or hippopotami
dwarf dwarfs or dwarves
prospectus prospectuses
woman women
species species
focus focuses or foci
software software
fly flies
mango mangoes or mangos
hypothesis hypotheses
scarf scarves or scarfs
fish fish / fishes
Christmas Christmases
advice some / pieces of advice