Gerund after verbs in English

We use Gerund in English after specific verbs. The table below shows the list of such verbs.

Verb Meaning Sentence
advocate recommend;
speak in favor of
I do not advocate building large factories here.
anticipate foresee;
realize or feel in advance
He didn't anticipate meeting any opposition.
appreciate recognize with gratitude I really appreciate having time to relax.
avoid evade;
keep away from
She avoided answering him.
bar prohibit; not allow My father barred smoking at the dinner table.
begrudge feel or show dissatisfaction or envy at We don't begrudge your going to Italy.
can't help cannot avoid; cannot refrain or prevent We can't help being impressed by their zeal.
contemplate consider; think deeply about I hope your mother does not contemplate staying with us.
countenance give support or approval to; allow His father won't countenance his marrying a foreigner.
defer put off to a later time; postpone I shall defer replying until I hear from him.
deny say that something is not true She denied having written it.
detest hate strongly; dislike intensely He detests writing letters.
discontinue stop; give up; put an end to I'm so busy that I'll have to discontinue paying these weekly visits.
enjoy get pleasure from; like I have enjoyed talking to you about old times.
escape avoid; keep free or safe from He narrowly escaped being killed in the accident.
evade avoid; find a way of not doing something He evaded paying his taxes.
excuse forgive; pardon Please excuse my coming late.
finish complete; bring or come to an end He has finished doing his homework.
give up stop having or doing something He gave up smoking on his doctor's advice.
include bring in or contain as part of the whole Your duties will include putting the children to bed.
involve include as a necessary consequence The use of logarithms involves converting numbers into other numbers, all related to a standard base.
justify be or give a good reason for Your anxiety doesn't justify your being so rude to me.
keep do something continuously, frequently, or repeatedly My shoelace keeps coming undone.
keep from refrain from; preĀ¬vent someone from I couldn't keep from laughing.
What kept you from joining me?
keep on continue doing something We kept on working in the fields in spite of the rain.
leave off stop doing something They left off counting the visitors after the numbers became so large.
mind be troubled by;
feel objection to [usually in interrogative, negative, and conditional sentences, and in sentences that answer a question)
Would you mind opening the window?
I don't mind at all.
miss fail to experience;
lose an opportunity;
feel the absence of
They just missed having a nasty accident. I missed seeing them by just 10 minutes. I miss being able to play with them.
necessitate make necessary Your proposal would necessitate borrowing money.
pardon forgive; excuse Pardon my saying so, but I think you're mistaken.
postpone put off to a later time I shall postpone writing until I learn the full particulars.
practise do something repeatedly in order to become skillful They haven't practised writing during these four months.
prevent stop or hinder;
keep something from happening
Of course, we can't prevent your going.
prohibit prevent; hinder His small size prohibits his becoming a policeman.
propose put forward;
offer as a suggestion for consideration
I propose starting early.
put off postpone She'll have to put off coming till next month.
quit stop; resign from She has quit working.
relish enjoy;
get pleasure from;
be pleased with
Hilary won't relish having to wash all those dishes.
resent feel angry or bitter about She resents being called a baby.
resist refuse to yield to She could not resist making jokes about his baldness.
risk take the chance of We'll just have to risk getting caught in the storm.
sanction give authoritative approval or consent to Would you sanction flogging as punishment for crimes of violence?
stop put an end to; discontinue We stopped working at noon. It has stopped raining.
suggest put forward for consideration; bring into the mind I suggest ordering roast duck at that restaurant.
tolerate allow;
put up with
I won't tolerate your doing that.
visualize form a picture of in the mind;
Try to visualize sailing through the sky on a cloud.