Vocabulary practice 2

vocabulary practice. Complete the following sentences with the words provided.
   acted      average      became      empty      fell      paid      showed      silent      square      starring      sunny      than      thirsty      times      went   
The Lebanese person goes to the cinema 35 times every year.
The Lumiere brothers the first film in 1895 in a café in Paris.
The 1997 film Titanic Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, was the most expensive film ever.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the best- actor in the world.
Charlie Chaplin was the most famous star of the movies.
Charlie Chaplin was born in 1889 and in 94 films.
They make many more films in Bollywood in Hollywood.
The average American goes just four every year!
We were both so hot and that we drank a litre bottle of mineral water.
The police looked everywhere for the money, but they only found an bag.
Jan and Anna in love with each other at my birthday party two years ago.
Last year we to the cinema a lot.
When I was thirteen, I interested in photography.
It was a beautiful morning in Mexico City.
In the main of the city, soldiers stood in front of the Royal Palace.