Vocabulary practice 1

vocabulary practice elementary 1
   all      anyway      community      enough      false      got      many      move      need      old      reaction      rich      servant      spoke      took   
Listen and mark the statements true or .
What is your to the story?
His grandmother's family were ( = not poor ).
His grandmother was a girl.
When they arrived in London, they decided they had too servants.
The family his grandmother for a walk a week ago.
His grandmother was twenty years .
She good English when she was young.
They took her to the Russian in east London.
They married and had three children.
During the First World War this rich family decided to to London.
But when they got to London they decided they didn't all these servants.
Perhaps they didn't have money to keep a servant girl.
So , they decided to take my grandmother for a walk in the centre of London.
She spoke no English at .