Gramatyka angielski articles

Wybierz odpowiednie formy articles a lub an.
1. I have book.
2. I can see mountain.
3. I have bought house.
4. Yesterday I met friend.
5. elephant is heavy. (i.e. "any elephant" or "all elephants")
6. Ernest Hemingway was writer.
7. Isaac Newton became great scientist.
8. What nice day!
9. What charming person!
10. I have few friends. ("several friends")
11. I have little fortune. ("some money")
12. He was Einstein of his time.
13. Tom will never be Nelson.
14. It cost $10 dozen.
15. There were lot of people at the concert.
16. They need great deal more money to finish the film.
17. He has strong character.
18. Do you know that Robert Wilson has good knowledge of Chinese?
19. This is better strawberry.
20. This is more interesting book.