Język angielski przyimki ćwiczenie

Ćwiczenie Uzupełnij następujące zdania w języku angielskim przyimkami 'in, at lut to. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Przyimki
1. Poland is situated Central Europe.
2. There are many places of interest Poland.
3. They say it never rains Southern California.
4. I would not like to live Warsaw.
5. One of his aunts lives Bicester.
6. Mr Johnson is a clerk and he works an office.
7. He is his office now.
8. Yesterday Mr Johnson was so tired that he left his hat the office.
9. Mark works a car factory.
10. Miss Lost has worked our firm for only two years.
11. Dr Rusk works a hospital.
12. Mary has had a bad accident recently and she is hospital at present.
13. Her mother has gone to see her today. She is the hospital with Mary now.
14. Sometimes we have dinner a restaurant.
15. I have bought it our department store.
16. What can you buy the butcher's today?
17. Betty is a shop-girl. She works Campbell's shop.
18. Peter, on the other hand, is still school.
19. Martin studies biology the university.
20. His younger brothers are primary school.
21. Were you church last Sunday?
22. When it started to rain we found shelter the church.
23. Mother is the kitchen cooking dinner.
24. You should be bed at this hour.
25. The trees this park are very old.
26. We were the theatre last night.
27. All the children the cinema held a breath for a moment.
28. There is a very good film on our cinema.
29. Have you been the cinema recently?
30. I hope that that thief is prison now.
31. We are staying a hotel.
32. Lots of students live hostels.
33. Be so kind and book me a room the Ritz.
34. Let's meet the station. Somewhere near the booking offices.
35. Is the train the station yet?