The Past Simple Tense exercises

The past simple tense exercises. Zamień następujące zdania na czas Past Simple. UWAGA: nie używaj skróconych form lecz pełnie np. użyj DID NOT zamiast DIDN'T.
I live in the city centre now.
I in the city center two years ago.
You do not live near here.
You near here 2 years ago.
Does she have coffee for breakfast?
coffee for breakfast yesterday?
He watches CNN.
He CNN yesterday.
I finish work at 8.00 every day.
I work at 8.00 yesterday.
We do not read magazines.
We magazines last week.
They like Chinese food.
They Chinese food.
Do you have two brothers?
two brothers?
She does not study French at school.
She French at school.
I like reading books.
I reading books.