Słownictwo: uzupełnij angielskie zdania

Uzupełnij zdania z podanymi wyrazami poniżej.
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How many McDonald's are there in the world?
How much is there in the human body?
How much rain is there in the Sahara every year?
How much water do you every day?
How many of coffee do you drink every day?
How much do you have with your coffee or tea?
How much red do you eat every week?
How many cigarettes do you every day?
How many hours' do you have every night?
How many fish cakes does this make?
The waiter: 'Can I take your , please?
The waiter: 'Would you any vegetables?'
Could you eggs to your shopping list?
Add milk to the and stir until smooth.
Heat the oil in a frying .
Fry the fish cakes for about five minutes, them once.
Some birds have very colourful .